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Lecture for Graduate Students

Isotope effects affect phenomena in physics and chemistry, and applications can be found in a wide variety of fields such as material, environmental, life and information sciences. Because of this diversity, isotope-related classes have been held in bits and pieces in various courses. Therefore, training of young researchers who will be working in isotope-related fields in the future has not been systematically and consciously undertaken.

Thus, to train young researchers who are interested in doing research in isotope science, we are holding lectures that systematically teach graduate students cutting-edge research results from this COE project and the spread of fundamental technology that support it.

Table 1 Graduate school course "Energy and materials engineering - Future of isotopes -" (Fiscal year 2006)
  Lecturer Title
1 Prof. Yamane Yoshihiro Registration and course outline
2 Prof. Yamamoto Ichiro The fundamentals to the applications of isotope science
3 Associate Prof. Shibata Michihiro Production of new isotopes
4 Prof. Tetsuo Iguchi Mass spectroscopy and industry
Measurements in isotope science COE
5 Prof. Tetsuo Iguchi Ultra high sensitivity isotope measurement methods: AMS, ICP-MS and RIMS
6 Prof. Suzuki Kazuhiro Dating of historic artifacts using isotopes
7 Prof. Haraguchi Hiroki Metallomics (Functional science of supporting living organisms using metals): Creating a new research field
8 Prof. Iida Takao Applications in environmental science
9 Associate Prof. Yamazawa Hiromi Understanding carbon circulation on the Earth's surface using isotopes
10 Prof. Nagasaki Takanori Separation and production of isotopes and a controlled method of producing isotopes
11 Assistant Prof. Ito Shigeki Applications in life science and advancing medical radiation treatment
12 Prof. Yamane Yoshihiro Summary and paper assignment hand out

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