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The Japanese government promotes the 21st Century COE Program, in order to establish research and education basis (center of excellence) across a range of academic disciplines in universities in Japan. These COEs are expected to elevate the standard of Japanese research to the world.

The program entitled"Isotopes for the Prosperous Future - Isotope Science and Engineering from Basics to Applications", proposed by Nagoya University, was selected to serve as a COE in the field of Interdisciplinary, Combined Fields, New Disciplines.

This COE members consist of excellent researchers on isotope science and engineering in Nagoya University. This program aims for dramatic progress of fundamental researches for isotope science, such as isotope separation, isotope measurement and isotope materials. We also try to apply the isotope science to environmental, biological and historical science.

An isotope is defined as atoms with the same atomic number (same number of protons) but different mass number (different number of neutrons). And it is called as an isotope effect that different isotopes have different physical or chemical properties.

An isotope is used in the broad field ranging from natural science to human/cultural science. But the isotope science and engineering is still in the middle of development, because there was little research cooperation across each field, an isotope is very expensive and high-precision isotope abundance measurement is very difficult.

In this COE, isotope science researchers closely collaborate in each other and effectively promote study on isotope science and engineering from basics to applications.


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